Blog - Is the Western District of Texas the New Hot Docket?

By Findlay Craft
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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The Honorable Judge Alan Albright was sworn into office in September 2018. Judge Albright is only the second judge ever appointed as U.S. District Judge for the Waco Division in the Western District of Texas.

In private practice, Judge Albright specialized in intellectual property law for more than 20 years and from the bench has now recently instituted a set of standing orders for patent cases. According to a recent Waco Tribune-Herald article,[1] Judge Albright is intent on running an efficient docket, which includes issuing timely rulings and offering prompt access to jury trials. He was quoted as stating, “If someone is talking to their client about where to file their lawsuit, I want them to think that Waco is a good decision.”

According to statistics by Lex Machina, the Western District of Texas has seen a recent increase in patent cases from Q3 to Q4 in 2018. There were 6 patent cases filed in quarter 3 of 2018 and 30 cases filed in quarter 4. Judge Albright has been assigned to 48% of those cases. To put this in perspective, according to the recent Waco Tribune-Herald article fewer than 10 patent cases had been filed in Waco in the decades since the Court’s creation. To date, Judge Albright has been assigned to 23 patent cases with 10 cases being filed in a single week since he took office.

It seems as if some have heard Judge Albright’s message and agree that filing patent suits in Waco is a good decision. Could Waco be the new hot docket? Findlay Craft is proud to already be representing our valued clients’ interests in Waco.


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