Blog - Refusing the Ambulance After a Wreck

By Findlay Craft
Friday, March 15, 2019

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The ever rising cost of health care has made many people wary of racking up extensive medical bills. This also applies to ambulance rides to the hospital after a car wreck. In an effort to avoid or reduce medical costs, or because they believe they are unharmed, car wreck victims are choosing to refuse ambulatory service to the nearest hospital.

While this is absolutely your right, refusal of ambulance services could potentially cause serious harm to both yourself and others. Many injuries may not show symptoms right away, and this gives the car wreck victim a false belief that they are uninjured.

Adrenaline is another factor that could cause a delay in your pain and symptoms. This hormone is secreted in stressful situations and helps your body to maintain the ability to fight or flee. According to the Hormone Health Network from the Endocrine Society, adrenaline’s effects can last for up to an hour after the stress has subsided.

Driving after a car wreck could potentially cause another wreck should your injuries begin to appear while you are still on the road. Just because your vehicle is still operable after a wreck does not mean you should drive yourself to the hospital. Head and spinal trauma could potentially cause paralysis or even death if you are not moved and monitored by a trained professional. You could also be unaware that you have a concussion, which can cause disorientation and sleepiness, and further incapacitates you to operate a vehicle.

Keep these things in mind should you find yourself in a similar situation, and ensure the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

Findlay Craft